Electric drill selection method and its purchase considerations

Source: Huali Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., LTDRelease time: 2019-08-16

1、Choose the method

Take the indoor ceiling for example, the ceiling is made of reinforced concrete, such as the use of impact drills to drill holes will cost a lot of gas, but use it to hit the wall will not occur, so the impact drill is suitable for daily use in the home, but for the drilling staff, should choose the hammer drill.

In the wall, the hammer drill will be more labor-saving than the impact drill, the key is that the structure and working principle of the two is different, the impact drill in the use of the process requires constant force to make it rotate, while in the use of the hammer drill, only a little force at the beginning to make the drill automatically go forward!

2、Purchase precautions

1. The choice of electric drill bit size. As the size of the drill head increases, the price will also increase, the size of the drill head for home use is generally 20mm will be sufficient.

2. electric drill additional features to choose: the same model, there will be some additional features, for example, the model has R that the drill can be forward and reverse, the benefit is that when the positive rotation does not work, can be converted to reverse; model has E that the drill can be speed, when not need high rate adjustable to low speed operation.

3. In the furniture supermarket when you see the electric drill set promotion, but do not get hot-headed, immediately buy, to see if it is practical.

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