What are the common kinds of power tools?

Source: Huali Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., LTDRelease time: 2019-08-16

Power tools are divided into two types of handheld and movable, handheld power tools are more flexible, convenient, more widely used, many varieties have become production, life needs spare tools, power tool brands are numerous, according to the function and use of power tools, divided into different types, the following to explain what are the common types of power tools?

1, metal cutting power tools, metal cutting power tools mainly include: electric drill, magnetic seat drill, electric reamer, electric knife, electric scissors, electric punching shears, electric reciprocating saw, electric pipe saw, electric tapping machine, electric profile cutting machine, electric slant cutting machine, electric welding bevel machine, multi-functional power tools.

2, sanding type electric tools, sanding type electric tools include: straight sanding machine, angle grinder, flexible shaft sanding machine, mold electric grinding, flat sanding machine. Belt sander,. Straight polishing machine, disc polishing machine

3, assembly class electric tools, assembly class electric tools include: electric wrenches, fixed torque electric wrenches, electric rotary tool, electric expansion machine, electric self-working rotary tool, electric pull willow gun

4, construction road class electric tools, construction road class electric work which contains: concrete vibrator, electric hammer, hammer drill, impact electric drill, electric pick, electric floor polisher, electric stone cutting machine, willow expansion bolt wrench, wet grinder, electric steel disc cutting machine, electric wire sleeve machine, electric pipe bender, electric engineering drilling machine, electric scraping machine, electric brick wall trench milling machine.

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